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Washer Repair Tips For Cleaner Clothes, Appliance Maintenance Costs And Lower Utility Bills

Have you ever wondered why our clothes aren’t clean after you use the best detergents and washers? This is mainly because of some bad habits that we cultivate over out laundry-washing lifetime. Some of the mistakes we commit when we use the washer include over-stuffing the machine, use excess soap, ignoring stains, and not taking time to wash delicate fabric separately. Here are some laundry tips that can help you achieve an efficient laundry process:

Soak those dirty satins Immediately

When you stain your clothes, you must deal with it immediately. If you let the stains dry, it will become extremely difficult to remove them. If your dress is stained, it is best to put them in a bucket of water and add a little detergent. This will make it easier for you remove the stains when you have time.

Learn Sorting

Most people separate their clothes based on their color or cloth sensitivity. This helps, but you should go a step further and separate the clothes based on the water temperature and fabric time. You could make 5 separate piles of clothes – whites, delicates, darks, stripped whites, and brights.

Avoid Over Stuffing

Most people over stuff their machine to save water and energy. You must avoid filling the machine with too much clothes as it can affect the efficiency of the machine and damage the clothes. If the machine is damaged, you may have to get washer repair near me service as soon as possible.

Add Detergent before Clothes

Before you add clothes to your washer and dryer, you must add detergent to water and allow the soap to dissolve in water. This will make the soap more effective and will reduce the chances of powdery residual on your favorite clothes.

Use the right measuring cup

In a recent survey, it was found that most liquid detergent cups are difficult to read which can lead to overdosing of detergent. This can make your clothes look dingy and even damage them. Make sure you use a good quality measuring cup that allows you read the levels. If you don’t plan to change the existing cup, you should at least mark a filling line on the cup using a permanent marker.

Add Boosters

Adding boosters such as borax and washing soda will help in boosting the performance of the detergent. It will also act as a water softener and whitener.

Use Cold Water

Recent reports have suggested that using hot water to clean clothes can increase the energy consumption of the washer by 900 percent. Also, using hot water compared to using cold water can make the colors bleed and damage the clothes.

Clean the Machine

Regular use of the home appliance can lead to the formation of soap scum in the tubes and pipes. To remove the scum from pipes, run an empty machine without any laundry. Adding white vinegar to water will be an added advantage.

Vacuum the Dryer

If you use a dryer, make sure you vacuum it at least once a week. This will reduce energy usage, prevent mildew formation, and reduce the risk of fire hazard. If there is a problem with the machine, it is best to get help from dryer repairman. Today, there are several service companies that have washing machine repair near me service tech, refrigerator technician, dishwasher repair technician, and dryer technician on their rolls. These technicians will visit your house to repair and service the household appliance.