GE High Efficiency GTWN5550DWW

The GE High Efficiency GTWN5550DWW top-loading washing machine offers up to 20 wash cycles, the most out of any top loader we reviewed. You also have the choice of six wash options, six soil levels and six wash and rinse temperatures. With its tub capacity of 4.0 cubic feet, this top-load washer is sufficient enough to handle most laundry loads.

The 20 wash cycles include specialty cycles for cleaning the washer, towels and sheets, and jeans. There are also specific whites and colors cycles, options you won’t find on many comparable washers. This top loader also lets you save the settings you use most with a My Settings option on the control panel for quick and easy reuse.

Of the six wash options, there are some great mid-range standards like the delay start, which lets you delay the start of a cycle for up to 12 hours later. There are also automatic dispenser settings for putting in bleach or fabric softener during the right time in a cycle.

This top-load washing machine is energy efficient. Its Energy Guide estimates you’ll spend about $19 on operating costs and use around 175 kilowatt-hours of energy every year. In addition to its Energy Star qualification, it also has an eWash cold water cycle and an eMonitor. The cold water cycle saves energy since the machine does not need to heat up water for the wash cycle. The eMonitor tells you how energy-efficient each load is through an electronic readout. This top loader also saves on water usage with its PreciseFill feature, which automatically adjusts the water level according to the load size.

GE offers a one-year warranty for the overall machine. That’s the lowest end on the warranty scale for all the washers we reviewed and doesn’t include separate warranties for the motor or stainless steel wash drum. If you need to get in contact with help and support, you can either call or email. GE doesn’t offer a live chat feature. However, the company does have the owner’s manual and some FAQs available on its website for easy access.
GE High Efficiency Summary:

The GE High Efficiency GTWN5550DWW top-load washing machine has one of the best selections of wash cycles and options of all of the washers we reviewed. It also has several energy-efficient features to save on energy, water and costs. Although it doesn’t have the best warranty, its combination of features makes for a great washing machine to consider.