Bosch Washing Machine Reviews and Ratings

Despite being a major global player, especially in Europe, few Americans recognized the Bosch washing machine brand name until the 1990’s. Bosch washers & appliances are now available in over 100 countries including the US and can be found at most major Home Improvement retailers. Think of Bosch as the GE of Europe. German engineering is found throughout this brand and has allowed Bosch washing machines to consistently rank in top washer ratings with leading consumer magazines. Bosch washing machines range in price from around $600 to $1,600 and focus on producing front loading washing machines. Bosch machines generally tend to be more expensive given their features when compared to other washer brands.

Expect to find quality construction, high energy and water efficiency as well as many Bosch branded features. In fact, Bosch has recently been recognized as the most water efficient laundry machine brand in the U.S. Bosch has been named the 2009 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Appliances by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Bosch has been slow to adopt Steam technology and is still trying to garner brand awareness. That said Bosch washing machines are still worth keeping an eye out for.

Bosch Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 4/5
Operational Performance Rating: 4/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 4/5
Operational Features Rating: 3/5
Ease of Use Rating: 3/5
Warranty Rating: 4/5
Price Rating: 2/5
Overall Value Score: 3.5/5 (Average)
Bosch Washing Machine Strengths Review:

Bosch washing machines have been around for a long time even though not so well known in the U.S. While overall efficiency is Bosch’s claim to fame, other features and quality characteristics attribute to this brand’s strengths.

#1) High Efficiency: Probably Bosch washing machines strongest attribute. When it comes to this area, be ready for some of Bosch’s many buzz words including: Bosch EcoSmart technology which features linked sensors to regulate water levels and wash cycles depending on load. Most Bosch washers exceed Federal Energy standards by up to 103%. Most machines also exceed Energy Star Guidelines. This all boils down to saving you money during annual usage and if you’re into it, being “Green”.

#2) Cleans Well: Bosch machines have some of the highest temperature sanitizing temperatures, dubbed Bosch XxtraSanitary, which heats the water up 170 degrees. High spin speeds help extra more moisture from clothing before heading over to the dryer. Considering the dryer is generally the larger energy consumer, this is another money saving feature.

#3) Cycles Galore: Bosch almost tends to overkill in this area, but it’s generally better than too few options. Some Bosch washer cycle highlights include: Allergy Rinse, which basically is a very thorough rinse to remove skin irritating detergent residue. A specific comforter cycle on select models helps handle bulky comforters and helps adjust water levels accordingly. BabyCare cycle is great for families with young one’s that tend to soil clothes with number 1’s and 2’s as well as spilled food. Some Bosch washing machine models boast extra fast cycle times, as little as 45 minutes.very fast!

#4) Great Warranty: Bosch washing machines are considered to have one of the best warranties in the industry, it is well above average. Bosch warranty is backed by Good Housekeeping Seal – Two year limited warranty. Bosch wouldn’t offer this unless their machines boasted quality construction.

#5) Slick Design: If you’re looking for a good looking washing machine to match your minimalist, cotemporary style, Bosch washing machines have what your looking for. European styling is as functional as it is good looking. This is a major selling point for Bosch appliances. Good engineering doesn’t only contribute to good looks and quality; it also helps Bosch produce some of the quietest machines, with machines running at a virtually silent 52 dBA.
Maytag Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Price: It’s not that Bosch machines overall are more expensive, it’s that they tend to offer less features than their competitor counterparts at the given price point. That said, you should also take Bosch washing machines quality construction, warranty into account when making your decision. Most other brands offer top loading models which come in at lower price points.

#2) No Steam: Steam is the newest rage in washing machines and Bosch has been somewhat slow to adopt. Steam cleaning is efficient and kills allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. Not only have many other brands adopted this technology but they are also starting to offer it throughout their product lines.

#3) Modern Styling: Not everyone will accept Bosch’s slick European styling and may opt for brands with a broader, more traditional look and feel.

Consider Bosch washing machines a good choice if quality and efficiency are your main priorities. You can’t beat Bosch energy and water efficiency, which will mean savings over the life of your machine. Quality can be found throughout these machines and the strong Bosch Warranty shows the company really stands behind its washers. Even though lesser know than GE or Maytag machines, Bosch models are worth a considerable look and will show you how individual models stack up.