LG Smart ThinQ WT6001HV

The LG Smart ThinQ WT6001HV is a great top-loading washing machine that just barely falls short of our top-ranking washers. This top loader’s stainless steel wash drum has a large capacity of 4.7 cubic feet. You have a choice of 14 wash cycles that include basics such as a speed wash. There are also a few specialty settings, with specific cycles for baby wear and sportswear, as well as common ones for wool, whites and colors.

In addition to the variety of wash cycles, there are 12 wash options. The standard options include a setting to add fabric softener automatically during the cycle and another setting to add an extra rinse. You also have the choice of downloading custom cycles and settings if you connect your washer to the internet.

A few wash options aid in saving you on energy costs. The delay wash lets you program the wash cycle to start up to 19 hours after you put the load in. The Smart Grid Ready feature checks what time of day it will cost you the least to run the washer, so you can save on energy by running loads when your energy rates are at their lowest.

Because this top-load washer has vibration control, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the household if it runs when you’re asleep. There’s also a cold wash option, which lets you run loads using cold water to save more energy.

With those types of energy-saving features, you can expect this top-load washing machine to be Energy Star qualified. Its EnergyGuide estimates you’ll spend $20 on operating costs and use 182 kilowatt-hours of electricity on a yearly basis.

Despite all the great wash options, this washer is missing a prewash and a steam setting. But unless those are vital to your laundry needs, the lacking options are not deal breakers.

Instead of dials like traditional top loaders, the LG Smart ThinQ has an LED touchscreen display. You’ll find some of its smart technology features convenient, especially if you regularly use a smartphone.

With your smartphone, you can check is the progress of your laundry cycle. If your top loader has problems, you can also use your cell phone to troubleshoot by transmitting information from your washer to an app or to help and support. You can contact LG through the phone, by email or through live chat on its website, which also houses FAQs and video tutorials in addition to the washer’s user manual.

This unit has the best warranty set of any top-load washer we reviewed. It has a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor for the overall machine, but there’s also a 10-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the wash drum.
LG Smart ThinQ Summary:

The LG Smart ThinQ WT6001HV top-loading washing machine doesn’t quite reach the top ranks of the best washers we reviewed, but not by much. It has a large capacity, a wide variety of wash cycles and options and many convenient smart features. However, it does lack a few nice wash options like steam and prewash.

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