Samsung H-E WA422PRHDWR/AA

The Samsung high-efficiency washer we looked at had nine wash cycles. That’s fewer than most machines of comparable caliber, but it has all the essentials: normal, heavy-duty, delicate, casual (permanent press), bulky/bedding, and a quick cycle for very small loads that have to be done lickety-split. And if something vital is missing from its repertoire, there is a spot in its memory for a custom cycle of your own devising. That’s a rarity that lets you take full control of how your washing machine performs, instead of having to rely on its stock recommendations for your designer threads.

This top-loader also has a self-cleaning cycle that uses hot water instead of bleach or other chemicals, which is a bonus in our book. Another bonus: When your load is finished, you get a friendly Samsung ringtone instead of the abrasive buzz of the typical washing machine. Don’t you wish all your household chores ended that way?

The Samsung high-efficiency washing machine is equipped with separate dispensers for detergent, fabric softener and bleach, which it adds to the load at the optimal time, taking out the guesswork. And with its high-speed spins (up to 1,000 rpm), your clothes will be ready to go into the dryer in no time.

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We love the modern design of this washing machine, with a glass, slam-proof lid that allows you to monitor your clothes mid-spin. Its automatic load sensor weighs your clothing so that it can ensure a balanced spin and the right amount of water. And its automatic temperature control ensures that the water stays at the right heat for your desired setting. When all of this is put together, it means that you can spend less time figuring out the best care for your laundry and have the peace of mind that every load will be done right the first time – and without damaging your clothing.
Energy Efficiency

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The energy it takes to run this washing machine will set you back about $18 a year with an electric water heater ($10 with a natural gas water heater). That’s pretty impressive. This is partly due to its high-efficiency cycles and partly due to its super-high spin speed (1,000 rpm), which gets the job done faster and means your clothes, having had most of their moisture already removed, will take less time in the dryer. That’s good for your clothes and good for your electric bill. In addition, this washing machine has the lowest Energy Star Water Factor of any product we reviewed, which means that on average it uses the least water per load. Well played, Samsung.
Help & Support

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When making a big household purchase, peace of mind should come with the purchase, and that means choosing companies that keep your appliances going stronger, longer. Samsung backs up its top-loader washing machines with the standard one-year warranty on parts and labor, plus a 10-year motor warranty, which should ensure that your new purchase will last well into the future. This support is available online via email or live chat, or by telephone.

Also weighing in its favor is Samsung’s two-year control board warranty on this washing machine. Considering how computerized modern washers have become, one would think such a thing to be common, yet it’s nearly unprecedented.
Samsung H-E Summary:

For its incredibly quiet operation, tiny eco-footprint and easy-to-use design, we offer the Samsung line of high-efficiency top-loader washing machines our stamp of approval. It’s also less expensive than most of the higher-end offerings we looked at, which is nothing to sneeze at.