Ariston Washing Machine Reviews and Rating

Ariston washers are lesser known in the US when compared to other common brands like GE and Maytag. Ariston machines generally don’t follow the same cubic feet capacity ratings that most washers note, they are rated base maximum load capacity by weight. With some Ariston washers allowing up to 16lbs of wash/load, this would be equivalent to about 4.0-4.04 cubic feet of average laundry.

Ariston washing machines are known for being premium washers offering elegant styling, robust components and efficient operation. If you’re looking for a good looking as well as solid performing washer, check out Ariston’s product offerings. Ariston washers generally run in the $1,000 – $1,500 price range.

Ariston Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 4/5
Operational Performance Rating: 4/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 5/5
Operational Features Rating: 3/5
Ease of Use Rating: 3/5
Warranty Rating: 3/5
Price Rating: 4/5
Overall Value Score: 3.5/5 (Average)
Ariston Washing Machine Strengths Review:

#1) Efficient: Most Ariston washers carry the Energy Star rating which saves you money over the life or your washing machine. Its horizontal axis wash system using dramatically less water and less energy than conventional laundry pairs combined with high spin speeds extracting water, superior to that of a conventional machine, orchestrated in concert with the sensor control dryer preventing any damage to your clothes caused by high heat and over-drying. Ariston washer have some of the highest spin speeds (Up to 1400RPM) that we’ve encountered. Higher spin speeds equate to less time spent in expensive to operate dryers. Keep in mind that these benefits are realized over time and may justify replacement of less efficient appliances in your home when compared to costs associated with operating an outdated washers.

#2) Cleans Gently: Ariston focuses on making a very functional machine which ensures that wash consistently comes out clean. Arsiton washers are actually the only washing machine manufacturer that has obtained the Woolmark Platinum Care designation. This essentially means that Ariston washers are very gentle, allowing you to even wash “Hand Wash Only” garments in their machines.

#3) Cleans Well: Ariston washers are consistent cleaners and perform their core duty with quality results.

#4) Great Reviews: Ariston user reviews are generally very positive and cite easy of use, large load capacity and quiet cycles as the main pro’s. You generally don’t see Aristion washers in Consumer Reports publications because they aren’t main stream enough.

#5) Design: Ascetics are an important part of the Ariston brand. They try to appeal to style conscious consumers who also want a solid performing machine. Great styling is definite bonus.
Ariston Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Brand Recognition: This isn’t a very common brand in the US and most people probably won’t recognize the name. This can adversely affect resale value and may make it difficult to find parts or repair services should issues arise.

#2) Lacks Features: Ariston still hasn’t come to market with steam cleaning technology. While most other brands have made significant technology jumps over the years, Arision is somewhat slow to evolve.

Ariston washer look good, so if you’re into design consider this brand. Overall functionality is above average but most offerings don’t offer advanced features. Ariston, as a brand, has been slow to adopt new technologies and has never been known as a wash machine technology leader. That being said, Ariston washers do fundamentally clean well. The biggest drawback, considerable in’s opinion, is the lack of brand recognition. This could translate to difficulty in machine servicing or parts sourcing. If you’re set on this brand, shop with confidence. If you’re open to suggestion, check out some other top rated brands like LG or Samsung.