Asko Washing Machine Reviews and Ratings

If your looking to integrate a washer/dryer unit in your kitchen and want it to look good, considering purchasing an Asko washing machine. These washers are expensive because they work well and look really really good. Most Asko washers come with customer panel required options to allow complete façade matching with existing cabinet finishes. Asko by far makes the best looking washing machines on the market. Asko washers aren’t cheap and range anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

Asko washers offer solid performance and include great features like high spin speeds, multiple wash cycles and large capacity. If you’re looking for high style and functionality, you’re checking out the right brand.

Asko Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 4/5
Operational Performance Rating: 4/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 5/5
Operational Features Rating: 4/5
Ease of Use Rating: 4/5
Warranty Rating: 3/5
Price Rating: 4/5
Overall Value Score: 4/5 (Above Average)
Asko Washing Machine Strengths Review:

#1) Sophisticated Design: If you’re looking to install a washer dryer unit in a visible location, like the kitchen and want the units completely integrated, Asko is a great choice. The machines are as great looking as they are functional.

#2) Large Capacity: Most Asko washers allow loads that match most top load models. Most models can wash up to 14 towels at once or handle king size comforters without issue. Larger capacities are obviously appreciated by larger families and generally equate to less time spent doing laundry.

#3) Energy Efficient: Most Asko washers carry the Energy Star rating which saves you money over the life or your washing machine. High spin speeds, up to 2000 RPM also help remove moisture from clothing before it hits the dryer. Generally, less time in the dryer translates to operational savings. Quick Wash cycle will clean better than an old style agitator and do it in only 35 minutes while using only 5.7 gallons of water and 0.3 (2¢) kWh of electricity

#4) Great Reviews: Asko user reviews are generally very positive and cite easy of use, large load capacity and quiet cycles as the main pro’s. You generally don’t see Asko washers in Consumer Reports publications because they aren’t main stream enough.

#5) Quiet Operation: Shock suspension and balancing systems ensure quiet and low vibration operation. Quiet operation is important if the unit is to reside in high trafficked areas like kitchens.
Asko Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Expensive: Asko washing machines are some of the more expensive washer on the market. They can charge more, because there aren’t that many stylish options on the market. You do get a solid machine for the price but expect to pay a premium for looks.

#2) Brand Recognition: A lesser known brand by most may make it more difficult to find repair services or parts. This may result in higher repair prices if service is required.

Buy an Asko washing machine if you want a good mix of functionality and styling. You can’t beat an Asko washing machines looks and customizability. The biggest drawback, considerable in’s opinion, is the lack of brand recognition. This could translate to difficulty in machine servicing or parts sourcing. If you’re set on this brand, shop with confidence. If you’re open to suggestion, check out some other top rated brands like LG or Samsung.