Fagor Washing Machine Reviews and Ratings

Another lesser known European manufacturer, Fagor focuses on building efficient compact washing machines that fit in tight spaces. Great for urban dwellers or households that don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to appliances. Small footprints generally translate to smaller capacity, so expect Fagor washers to have around 2.0 Cubic Feet of Capacity, half of most US front loading washers. If you have the space and a larger family, be sure to consider some larger capacity machines.

A few standout features found in Fagor washers include automatic door, fast wash cycles and advanced balance systems. Fagor washers list around $1,200 and are now available for sale in the US.

Fagor Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 3/5
Operational Performance Rating: 3/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 2/5
Operational Features Rating: 2/5
Ease of Use Rating: 3/5
Warranty Rating: 2/5
Price Rating: 2/5
Overall Value Score: 2/5 (Above Average)
Fagor Washing Machine Strengths Review:

#1) Fast Wash Cycles: Fagor machines are known as the fastest washing machines on the market, in part due to generally smaller unit capacities. Faster wash times lead to less energy consumption and greater efficiency.

#2) Compact Size: For space restricted installations, Fagor make for a powerful option and allow maximum capacity in the smallest possible footprint. If space is tight, these machines can help you make the best of it.

#3) Cleans Well: Users who have purchased Fagor washers have positively commented on their ability to clean consistently and thoroughly. Spin speeds are great for a machine this size, around 1,200 RPM, helping reduce the amount of time clothes spend in the dryer.
Fagor Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Small: Given their price, you’d expect larger capacity machines. Most machines are only around 2.0 cubic feet in volume.

#2) Expensive: Most compact machines adjust pricing based on size and less overall features, Fagor does not. With an average price point around $1,200, it is our opinion that these Fagor washers are overpriced.

#3) Brand Recognition: A lesser known brand by most may make it more difficult to find repair services or parts. This may result in higher repair prices if service is required. In most cases resell value will be very low. At the time this article was published there were next to no user reviews available.

If you’re tight on space but are still looking for a solid performing washer, consider a Fagor. The price is by far the brands greatest drawback and will need to be adjusted to better compete in the competitive US marketplace. If Fagor decides to produce larger machines at lower price points, we expect the company to make quite a splash. We recommend taking a look at LG Washers.

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