Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4044MW

The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4044MW top-load washer has a polypropylene wash drum with a capacity of 3.4-cubic feet. That’s one of the smallest capacities when compared to other washers we reviewed, but it will still handle a load of laundry. The polypropylene isn’t nearly as popular as stainless steel found in most other machines we reviewed, but it’ll last just as long.

This top-loading washing machine has 14 cycles, including a presoak option and two specialty cycles for jeans and kids wear. You can choose from five temperature settings or set it to choose the temperature automatically. You can also choose from four soil levels to clean your clothes the most efficiently depending on how dirty they are.

A few other features in this top loader include an automatic lid lock, which is great if you have kids and worry about them getting into the machine when it’s going. This unit also has vibration control to keep the machine running quietly. Another convenient feature found in many top-load washers is the digital readout on the machine’s console, which tells you how much time the cycle has left. When the laundry load is finished, the machine has an end-of-cycle signal to let you know.

This top-load washing machine is Energy Star qualified and has some of the best numbers for energy efficiency. Annually, you’ll spend about $7, the lowest cost of all the washers we reviewed, and use 171-kilowatt hours of energy to run it. This top-loading washing machine also has an energy saving option you can select to save more energy during each wash cycle.

This top loader has a great warranty. In addition to a one-year overall warranty including labor, the wash drum has a lifetime warranty and the motor has a 10-year warranty not including labor.

You can contact Frigidaire for help and support through an email form on the company site or by phone. The company also has this top-load washing machine’s manual and other documents available for download online.
Frigidaire Affinity Summary:

The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4044MW is a top-load washing machine with a nice variety of features, including two specialty cycles and a prewash option. This top load washer is also energy efficient. Its plastic tub has a smaller capacity than most. However, the warranty is the best you’ll find for a top-load washer.