Kenmore Elite High Efficiency 31523

The Kenmore Elite High Efficiency 31523 is a top-load washing machine with a large capacity of 4.7 cubic feet. The wash drum is made of stainless steel, the preferred material for long-lasting washtubs.

The mark of a good washing machine is how well it washes your clothes. This top-load washer gives you 14 cycles, 10 wash options, five soil levels and five temperature settings. With all those options, you’ll be able to find the right setting to get your clothes their cleanest. The cycles don’t include a prewash option, but the machine does include a wool cycle to preserve your wool clothing and a specialty cycle for stain treatment. This machine also has five spin speeds, including slower speeds that can help clean clothes that need gentler handling.

The console on this top loader has a set of cycle status lights to let you know the status of your laundry. It will also sound an end-of-cycle signal when the load is finished.

This top-loader washing machine has several additional features that make doing your laundry a little more convenient. One feature is the Kenmore Connect system, which lets you transfer information from your machine to customer support using a phone through a few quick and easy steps. If something goes wrong in your machine, you won’t have to waste time troubleshooting it yourself or trying to explain what’s going on to someone over the phone. Instead of having to explain the problem, you can hold up your phone to the machine and let it give diagnostic information to customer service through your phone receiver. There’s also a built-in water heater, so your cycles won’t lose heat and will clean better.

Most modern washers are energy-efficient, and this one is no exception. Besides being Energy Star qualified, this top loader also has a Save Energy option. The yearly cost to run this top-loading washing machine is about $18, and you’ll use 170 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The limited manufacturer’s warranty will only cover this top loader for one year. If you need to get in contact with the company, you can call or send an email through a form on the website.
Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Summary:

The Kenmore Elite High Efficiency 31523 top-load washing machine has a nice-sized wash drum and a good range of wash cycles and options. It also comes with a helpful troubleshooting feature that lets the machine give information about its status over the phone to help and support. This top-loader doesn’t have a great warranty, but it is Energy Star qualified with a Save Energy option.