Top-Load Washing Machine Review

By Kirsten Buck

The traditional top-load washing machine has undergone many changes over the years to keep up with its front-load washer competition. In the past, front-load washing machines were generally more energy efficient and gentler on your laundry. But things have changed. Newer top-loading washing machines have decreased their energy consumption and operating costs while increasing their features. In short, you get cleaner laundry at a better cost. Many new models have also switched out the traditional agitator for options like high-pressure jets and dual wash plates. This creates more space, is gentler on clothes and makes it easier to take laundry out of the washtub.

Because we know that choosing a top-load washing machine can be overwhelming, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve determined the best top-loading washing machines to be the LG Mega Capacity, Maytag Bravos XL and Samsung WA500. We’ve also written some articles about top-load washers to help you choose the best washing machine for your situation. You can also check out our articles about top-load washers for some tips and advice.
Top-Load Washing Machine: What to Look For

You shouldn’t make a major purchase, such as a top-loader washing machine, on a whim. To help you compare your options, we have rated the best washers in functionality, features, energy efficiency and manufacturer help and support.

The most important thing to know about a washing machine is how well it works. We gave each machine in our lineup a score for washing performance to help you choose between comparable units. Tub size is also an important factor to consider. Larger washtubs are generally preferable because you can fit more clothing into each load, which saves both time and energy.

Having a top-load washer with a myriad of wash cycles, options and other features really does make doing laundry less of a chore. The best top-load washing machines will include not only the basic wash cycles and features you would expect a washing machine to have, but also a handful of specialty wash cycles and advanced features, too.

Energy Efficiency
More and more consumers are adopting a greener lifestyle, and companies are catering to that shift by offering energy-saving units. The best top-load washers aren’t just Energy Star qualified – many also include energy-saving features such as an eco-friendly wash cycle.

Help & Support
A high-performing washer can be pricy; that’s why the unit’s warranty is extremely important. The best top-loading washing machines will offer a lengthy warranty for the motor and wash drum in addition to a standard one-year warranty for the unit’s parts and labor.

Aside from a good warranty, getting help and support from the manufacturer when you need it is also important. You should be able to contact the manufacturer by phone and email for support, and it’s nice to be able to view frequently asked questions and the user manual for your top-load washer on its website.

Fortunately, top-loader washing machines are not what they used to be. Upgrading your top-loader could give you better washing performance and a more energy-efficient appliance, which could turn into more money in your pocket in the long run. You’ll also enjoy the attractive and innovative features that today’s top-load washers are coming standard with.