Blomberg Washing Machine Reviews and Ratings

A lesser known brand in the US, Blomberg has been a sizable washing machine player in Europe, with it’s sites most recently set on the US market. They’ve been around for over 125 years and have competed head to head with the better known Bosch overseas. Blomberg focuses on providing very functional washers at reasonable prices. Blomberg washers range from $600 to $900 list.

Blomberg has always been on the cutting edge of technology, being the first company, in 1947, to produce a machine with less than 100 liters of water consumption. They have recently been given the Energy Award by the leading German consumer reporting magazine for most efficient appliances; as well as awards for innovation and ease of use. The only problem we see is that their washers generally have much smaller capacity than most machines marketed to the US. Capacity for most Blomberg washers ranges from 2-3 cubic feet, small by all means.

Blomberg Washing Machine Brand Rating:

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 3/5
Operational Performance Rating: 3/5
Styling & Feel Rating: 2/5
Operational Features Rating: 2/5
Ease of Use Rating: 3/5
Warranty Rating: 2/5
Price Rating: 3/5
Overall Value Score: 2/5 (Below Average)
Blomberg Washing Machine Strengths Review:

#1) Small Footprint: Small size would benefit those with limited space for installation. Great for apartment dwellers or smaller households.
Blomberg Washing Machine Weaknesses Review:

#1) Small: Europeans are used to smaller washing machines, Americans aren’t. Most families will consider the capacity inadequate and will result in more frequent washing. Forget using Blomberg washers if you own Queen or King sized comforters.

#2) Limited Value: Features and capacity don’t warrant price point, even though low.

#3) Styling: Blomberg aesthetics are among the most lack luster we’ve seen. Don’t buy it for the looks.

#4) Brand Recognition: A lesser known brand by most may make it more difficult to find repair services or parts, should something go wrong. This may result in higher repair prices if service is required. In most cases resell value will be very low. At the time this article was published there were next to no user reviews available.

#5) Low Spin Speeds: Low spin speeds mean more time in the dryer, which ultimately lead to higher operational cost per load.

There are too many good options in the US to consider this brand. While Blomberg is a major player in the European washing machine market, they have a lot to learn before they can compete with their competitor’s offerings in this market. Size is a crucial factor and most Americans want efficiency and size in one package. Blomberg also doesn’t currently offer machines with Energy Star ratings. Blomberg needs to adapt their washers to local needs and not just offer European models in the US to be successful. Check out some other brands like LG and GE before committing to a Blomberg.