Maytag Bravos XL MVWB980BW

You get a large-capacity washtub, 4.8 cubic feet, with this Maytag top-load washer, which we like to see. A large washtub lets you wash more laundry in a single load, which may cut down on the number of loads you have to do.

We are impressed you get 16 wash cycles on this unit, which is a lot, and gives you plenty of variety to wash any kind of laundry you may have. You are also able to select additional wash options from the eight that are included.

This Maytag top-loader lets you choose from four soil levels and five different wash and rinse temperatures, allowing you to customize each load.

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You don’t only get the standard wash cycles on this Maytag top-load washing machine, but also specialty wash cycles. These specialty wash cycles include a wash cycle for active wear, bulky items, sheets and a wash cycle for cleaning the washtub.

Of the 16 wash cycles you get on this unit, we’re especially happy to see both an allergen cycle and a sanitize cycle included on this Maytag top-load washer. The allergen wash cycle helps eliminate common household allergens and pet dander that make their way onto your clothing and other laundry. The sanitary wash cycle is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and uses steam to remove up to 99.9 percent of household bacteria.

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We were disappointed, however, that this unit is missing a prewash option and a spin only cycle.

The eight wash options on this unit include some attractive features such as a clean boost with heater option and a water-saving spray rinse option along with a delay wash, add a garment, end of cycle signal, extra rinse, pause and a fabric softener option.

The clean boost with heater option and the water-saving spray rinse option are very impressive. You can select the clean boost with heater option if you have stubborn stains that won’t come out with a standard wash cycle. This option uses a heater to keep the wash temperature you select the same throughout the wash time. The water-saving option can be selected when you want to use less water, and the wash cycle will use a spray rinse instead of a deep water rinse.
Energy Efficiency

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According to this unit’s EnergyGuide, it will consume an estimated 159 kilowatt-hours annually. That means it will only cost you $17 to operate each year.

Aside from bearing the Energy Star qualified label and being an energy efficient appliance, this top-load washer also includes an eco-friendly wash cycle, a cold wash cycle, which helps save even more energy when it’s selected. You can opt to use the cold or eco-cold wash temperature with this wash cycle, and the cycle will automatically default to Maytag’s Max Extract spin speed and the water-saving spray rinse option to give you excellent washing performance.
Help & Support

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Maytag doesn’t provide the best warranty in the washing machine industry, but it’s close. The unit’s parts and labor are covered for one year, while the motor and washtub are backed by a lengthy 10-year warranty.

You can contact Maytag for help and support by phone, live chat or by sending an email through its website. Maytag also publishes the user manual on its website for easy reference. You can also access FAQs about the unit, which may be helpful prior to contacting Maytag for help and support.
Maytag Bravos XL Summary:

The Maytag Bravos XL MVWB980BW tops our comparison as one of the best top-loading washers. It features a plethora of wash cycles and wash options to get stained and heavily soiled laundry clean, and even sanitized when you select the sanitize wash cycle. You might find that you are doing fewer loads of laundry because you can fit so much into a single load with this unit’s large washtub.